Knoydart Forest Trust.

Knoydart Forest Trust was established in 1999 and manages the woodlands on behalf of Knoydart Foundation and other landowners on the peninsula. The trust's objectives are to manage the woodland to increase benefits to the environment, community and wider public.


KFT is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status and run by a board of directors who are volunteers, elected by the members. Today, there are around 60 members and four employees. Volunteers provide valuable support to KFT's work throughout the year.


KFT manages 800 hectares of woodland made up of both semi-natural native woodland and conifer plantations. Restructuring of the the conifer plantation behind Inverie is currently being undertaken so that it is made up of a variety of types of trees to make it more stable and useful to future generations. As part of KFT's long term vision of linking up the woodland habitat on the peninsula, over 200 hectares of new native woodland has been created.


To make best use of the woodland and to generate income to re-invest in the woods, milled timber and firewood is produced and sold locally. Recently, they have also developed a range of small wood products through the trading subsidiary Wood Knoydart. To encourage people to explore the woods KFT built and maintain a network of paths and tracks, and other features and guided walks are available in the summer.

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