Knoydart At Present

Knoydart At Present.

Today the land itself is divided in to a number of Estates, the largest area being managed by the community-led Knoydart Foundation. The population of Knoydart currently stands at around 120 full time residents, most of which inhabit the main settlement village of Inverie. The village provides basic amenities including a Post Office and Primary School along with a Tearoom and the remotest pub in mainland Britain, The Old Forge. A variety of holiday properties for visitors can be found along the bay as well as located at other settlements along the West coast of the peninsula.


Knoydart is very much a working community - from tourism and hospitality to construction, forestry and farming, there is a lot going on. When visiting Knoydart, it will be very common for you to see tractors and landrovers going through the village, hear chainsaws at work in the woods, see construction work underway, and most certainly meet many of the locals who work face to face with the public.

In 2006 the new pier at Inverie was officially opened by Tavish Scott MSP and this was extremely important in enabling Knoydart to be self sustainable. The new pier allows for much easier transport of people, and day to day deliveries to the peninsula; but most importantly the large slip adjacent to the pier allows for landing crafts to berth easily and bring over essential supplies such as building materials and vehicles.


Knoydart attracts thousands of visitors each year, most of whom come during the high season of April to September. Hill-walkers, yachtsmen, cyclists, musicians, artists, families, and many day trippers arrive on the boats and walk through the hills during these summer months to experience Knoydart in their own way - and with the increase in new businesses on the peninsula there is something for everyone to enjoy.