Long Beach Campsite

LONG BEACH CAMPSITE OPEN TO WALKERS FROM TODAY We are pleased to announce that the campsite is open to those walking into or through Knoydart from today, Thursday 16th July, until Thurs 30th July. We will test procedures during this time and as long as things run smoothly we will be open to all from Friday 31st July.

Campers BEFORE you walk in to visit us, please read the attached poster, consider the information that follows carefully and when you reach the site, please read and adhere to all the signage.

The campsite has one compost toilet. The campsite has one cold water tap. There is no access to showers or hot water for campers on or off site. We will be cleaning and disinfecting the toilet and sink areas, but require campers to also disinfect them each time before use. (disinfectant provided) The Log Cabin shelter remains closed due to social distancing regulations. Campers are required to contain and dispose of their own rubbish and recycling. Bags and instructions are provided. Please bring all provisions with you as there are currently little to no provisions on Knoydart. Most service providers on Knoydart remain closed (See Visit Knoydart for current information). Sanitiser is provided for use on site, but we would strongly encourage campers to carry their own sanitiser and PPE. The safety of our visitors, community members and staff is our paramount concern and whilst we look forward to welcoming you, we reserve the right to close the site at any time if this is compromised.

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