It took me 13 years to travel back to Knoydart, but took less than 13 seconds for me to fall in love with the place all over again.

Andrew Evans, National Geographic Traveler

Rugged, isolated & beautiful.

Jini Reddy, CNN Travel

How warming to observe such close-knit relations in this small outpost community.

Tim Whitemore

What a lovely relaxed few days we spent here.

Devouring Scotland

Knoydart is up there with anything I've experienced in my travels to almost 100 countries

Robin McKelvie, Wilderness Scotland Blog

You can stand on the beach at night, listen to the silence and watch the sky blacken and the Milky Way fill the sky overhead.

A Passport Affair Blog

Knoydart tends to get a hold of you - you'll be back.

David Smith, Local Crofter

...peace & quiet, stunning views over Loch Nevis, a unique sense of community...

Jamie Merrill, The Independent

It's tough getting to Knoydart - but that's what's so magical about it.

Andrew Gilchrist, The Guardian

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